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Deckman for Windows - the world’s leading tactical navigation software
The tactical navigation software that enables you to make the correct decisions to win races

Deckman for Windows includes all the tools you need for short course round the buoys racing, long distance offshore and ocean racing.

The world's most advanced race navigation software - used on winning yachts from local regattas to ocean races and the America's Cup.
Deckman has numerous functions to assist the racing navigator and improve performance:

  • Simple waypoint and course management

  • Quick and easy zoom and pan controls

  • Complete predictions for future legs

  • Dedicated start display

  • Flexible data logging and plotting

  • Control of instrument system

  • Wind calibration facilities

  • Easy control of polar tables

  • Calculation of laylines

  • Tracking competitors and time-on-time handicap calculations

  • Route optimization

  • Display of wind and current data

  • Compatibility with most major chart systems


  • C-Map version supports: C-MAP, BSB, Maptech, PCX and REML charts

  • Euronav version supports: ARCS, Livechart, BSB, Maptech, PCX and REML charts

  • Alternatively use any image file as a chart for a powerful planning or analysis tool (e.g. satellite photo, aerial photograph or ocean current chart)

Optimum routing

  • Deckman will calculate the optimum route between two points or for a whole route:

  • Graphical or tabular presentation of optimum route

  • Tidal database for popular areas

  • Optimum routes taking into account land masses around land

  • Supports standard GRIB* weather files (with GRIB Weather module)

  • or create your own for wind and current

  • In-built tools for OCENS WeatherNet and Saildocs downloads

  • Compatible with SHOM tidal data (Channel and Biscay) and Local Knowledge Current models

  •  Unique reverse routing algorithm to analyse competitor positions and effect of leaving optimum route

  • GRIB is the standard meteorological digital file format which includes wind, pressure and sea state information which can be viewed in Deckman for Optimum routing.

Wind calibration

  • Enhance standard instrument systems using Deckman's calibration of true wind speed and direction, with facilities to recalibrate the wind data to correct for upwash and wind shear.

Start display

  • Special display giving you all the information you need for the start:

  • Line bias

  • Time and distance to each end and nearest point on the line

  • “Time to burn” option - shows positive when early or negative when late

  • Set ends of line by “pinging”, range/bearing, latitude/longitude and then adjust with simple nudging

  • Flexible countdown timer including synchronize function

Marks and courses
Positioning of waypoints by a choice of methods:

  • Latitude and longitude

  • Range and bearing from boat

  • Range and bearing from previous waypoint

  • Click-and-drag

  • Windward/leeward course

  • Olympic triangle course

Flexible data facilities:

  • Vertical wind plot of TWS and TWD

  • Time series plots of any data

  • Next and leg information

  • Output any data directly to displays and toggle data shown

  • Continuous logging of all data for later analysis

  • Customizable logging for specific analysis

  • Record set-up using custom boat parameters (e.g. Sails, helmsman)

  • Speed test comparison tools including 3-D graphs

  • Track positions of competitors in longer races, either by manual input or from files from race organizers


  • Flexible input of polars information including VPP targets which is also easy to adjust on the water while sailing.

  • Separate polars for navigation calculations, performance targets and start routines.

  • Advanced polar curve algorithm for more accurate VMG target tracking

  • Upload polar information from your compatible instruments and send back the altered values.

  • Supports input of speeds in "seconds per mile”

Advanced features

  • Advanced user calibration of data variables

  • Time to turn and accelerate in start display

  • Laser range finder interface to set positions of marks or track other

  • competitors

  • Support for Microsoft .NET framework allows users to develop their own bespoke add-ins

  • Networking of multiple PCs using Deckman connected to one instrument system



To download a Demonstration Version of Deckman for Windows click here









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